Rick Enns, PhD, RSW

PhD University of Alberta
MSW University of Manitoba
MA (Canadian History) University of Manitoba
BA (Double Honours: History and Religion) University of Manitoba

Areas of Research

Canadian Federal Indian Education Policy
My research has focussed on archival records and secondary sources tracing federal Indian education policy in Canada from the establishment of industrial and residential schools in western Canada in the 1880s to federal efforts at closure following the Second World War and through the 1960s. Particular areas of research include pre-World War I policies and conditions, the 1946-48 Joint Committee of the Senate and House of Commons and efforts to transfer Indigenous students to public and provincial school systems, and federal oversight of residential schools and residences in Newfoundland and Labrador after 1949.
Immigration and Resettlement Policy
I have examined the housing circumstances of refugees in major centres across western Canada, and the experiences of private sponsor groups and sponsored families. My research has also examined federal policy including efforts by the Harper government to reduce health benefits available under the Interim Federal Health Program.
Critical Social Work Practice in Mental Health
My teaching in this area has focussed on equipping undergraduate and graduate students to understand the use of the DSM in mental health practice and dominant treatment approaches, typically based on a DSM diagnosis. Equal attention is paid to understanding the DSM as a social and historical document, and developing critical understandings of current diagnostic and treatment approaches utilizing critical, Marxist, and social justice perspectives.

Supervising degrees

Social Work - Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries
Social Work - Masters: Accepting Inquiries

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