Richard Dyck, Phd

Neuroscience Faculty of Medicine University of British Columbia, Canada

Areas of Research

Behavioural Neuroscience
My lab's research is directed to understanding the development and plasticity of the cerebral cortex. The organization of the cerebral cortex is not fixed, but rather, is continuously modified by experience throughout an animal’s lifetime (e.g. sensory inputs, learning, drugs/hormones, injury, etc.). My research activities are directed toward identifying the processes that are responsible for mediating experience-dependent plasticity in the cerebral cortex using cellular, molecular and behavioural approaches.

Supervising degrees

Neuroscience - Doctoral: Seeking Students
Neuroscience - Masters: Seeking Students
Psychology - Doctoral: Seeking Students
Psychology - Masters: Seeking Students

Working with this supervisor

I am looking for individuals with motivation, enthusiasm and curiosity - people who have a background in psychological and/or biological sciences who want to make an impact in behavioural neuroscience.

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