Pil Hansen, PhD

Pil Hansen

Areas of Research

Performing Arts Psychology
Embodied memory, perception, learning, and social connection within creative processes and performance situations in dance, theatre, performance, and inter-arts. Performing arts interventions for health and learning purposes. Enhancement and diversification of professional performing arts training and practice.
Expanded, contemporary dance, theatre, and interarts dramaturgy. Facilitation of creative processes, compositional choice making, and audience experience in contemporary dance -- using, adapting, and developing a wide range of creative strategies.
Performance Generating Systems and Improvisation
The dramaturgy, notation, and psychology of systematic approaches to improvisation in dance as well as music and theatre.
Interdisciplinary Research Methodology
Methodological cross-over between artistic, scientific, ethnographic, and scholarly research.
Performing Arts Management
Strategic planning, artistic development, marketing, fundraising, and financial management in the performing arts. Emphasis on tools and strategies that are mission-based, engage audiences as co-producers of experiences, and extend artistic methods to marketing and business planning.

Supervising degrees

Drama - Masters: Accepting Inquiries
Computational Media Design - Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries
Computational Media Design - Masters: Accepting Inquiries

Working with this supervisor

I welcome inquiries from students applying to Drama's 'Theatre Studies' or 'Interdisciplinary Research and Creation' MFA specializations as well as the PhD and Masters programs in Computational Media Design. I enjoy working with students who have strong academic abilities, or a combination of academic and artistic skills, and wish to produce both scholarly and artistic knowledge that can make a difference and be applied. Students pursuing interdisciplinary work will find me open to working with a co-supervisor from another department and discipline. While I supervise a broad range of subjects, I am particularly interested in students who wish to pursue empirical and/or artistic thesis research on a performing arts psychology, dramaturgy, or management topic.

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