Nils Daniel Forkert, Dr. rer. nat.

Post Doctoral Stanford University, USA
PhD in Computer Science University of Hamburg, Germany
M Sc in Medical Physics Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
German Diploma in Computer Science University of Hamburg, Germany

Nils Daniel Forkert

Areas of Research

Medical Image Processing
The focus of this research group is to develop and evaluate new image processing methods, algorithms, and software tools for the analysis of medical images. This includes the image-based extraction of clinically relevant parameters and biomarkers describing the morphology and function of organs. In doing so, we aim to support clinical studies and preclinical research as well as developing and improving computer-aided diagnosis and patient-specific prediction models based on machine learning with a special focus on, but not limited to, the human brain.

Supervising degrees

Biomedical Engineering Doctoral: Seeking Students
Biomedical Engineering Masters: Seeking Students
Medical Science Masters: Seeking Students
Medical Science Doctoral: Seeking Students
Neuroscience Doctoral: Seeking Students
Neuroscience Masters: Seeking Students

Working with this supervisor

Graduate student candidates should hold an MSc in computer science, biomedical engineering, mathematics, neuroscience, or similar program with a strong academic background, good English skills and an enthusiasm for research. Good programming skills are essential.

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