Lorenzo De Carli

PhD in Computer Science, 2016, University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)
MSc in Computer Science, 2010, University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)

Picture of Lorenzo De Carli

Areas of Research

Network Security
Detection of network-based threats (malicious communication, malware) via traffic analysis and program analysis. Design of secure networked systems.
Software Security
Security of the software supply chain; identification and detection of malicious software via program analysis and metadata analysis.
Usable Security
User attitudes towards security and privacy; design of usable network and software security systems.

Supervising degrees

Electrical and Computer Engineering - Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries
Electrical and Computer Engineering - Masters: Accepting Inquiries

Working with this supervisor

I am generally interested in the challenges that arise when attempting to design network and software systems which are secure and usable. My interests cover:

  • IoT and residential network security
  • Software security
  • Usable security

You can find more information about me on my professional web page: https://ldklab.github.io


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