Lisa Hughes, PhD

PhD, History of Art College of Arts and Sciences Indiana University, Bloomington

Lisa Hughes

Areas of Research

Roman Art and Archaeology
My research interests may be considered diverse, but are definitely interconnected. I am primarily interested in visual representations of non-elites in the late Republic and early Empire. Much of my academic career has focused on the visual vocabulary of non-elite funerary monuments with an emphasis on gender. My new research project "The Art of Performance Along the Bay of Naples (44 BCE-79 CE)", explores the role of small-scale theatrical performances in the gardens of ancient Roman houses. I am delving into new territory with the use of digital reconstructions to explore possible staging environments. The overall goal is to demonstrate how performance in a garden setting complete with mythic sculpture, wall paintings, mosaics and architectural features can break down perceived social barriers between audience and performers alike.

Supervising degrees

Greek and Roman Studies - Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries
Greek and Roman Studies - Masters: Accepting Inquiries

Working with this supervisor

I am currently looking for candidates with interests in theatre and performance in ancient Rome.

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