Leo Fang, PhD, MBA

Dr Leo (XiaoHang) Fang joined the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering in 2022. Prior to Calgary, he was an engineering science lecturer at Oriel & Sommerville College, Oxford, and a research fellow of the Thermal Propulsion System Research Group (TPSRG) at the University of Oxford. Previously, he was an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) post-doctoral researcher at the TPSRG. He received a BASc from the University of British Columbia in Mechanical Engineering Thermofluids Option in 2016 and a Ph.D. in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford. Currently, he holds several projects as the principal investigator for the study of novel combustion chamber design and numerical study of abnormal combustion. He is also a visiting academic at the TPSRG at the University of Oxford. His research interests are in turbulent combustion and especially novel combustion model development and novel propulsion systems simulation.

Leo Fang

Areas of Research

Turbulent Combustion Modelling , Manifold Reduction Techniques , Computational Fluid Dynamics , Spray Modelling, Data driven/machine learning techniques for turbulent flows

Supervising degrees

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering - Doctoral: Seeking Students
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering - Masters: Seeking Students

Working with this supervisor

I believe that having a diverse, collaborative group of minds working together can foster more significant innovation and research excellence. I will actively encourage collaboration between trainees by pairing students working on similar projects to help each other or pairing students on very distinct projects to promote viewing a problem from different perspectives. I will empower trainees to take ownership of their research and express their ideas by involving them in intellectual decisions, such as experimental design, data analysis and the eventual decision to publish novel work. I will encourage students to join monthly international seminars I host to develop new ideas and research strategies. Students will also be encouraged to write and develop research articles together both within the group and internationally. Each trainee in my group will also be invited to attend at least one conference every year to showcase their works, get valuable suggestions from peers and other experts in the field, and broaden their horizons. Therefore, incorporating different perspectives from all backgrounds will be the core value and strength of my research lab.

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