Kris Chadee, PhD

PhD in Immunoparasitology McGill University Montreal, Canada

Kris Chadee

Areas of Research

Host-Parasite interactions, pathogenesis and host defence
A major effort underway in our laboratory is to understand the mechanisms whereby infectious agents, lipid mediators of inflammation and cytokines modulate innate, immune and mucosal epithelial cell functions. Of particular interest to our group is the emerging concept that cross-talk between pathogen components and host cells or both, can predetermine the outcome of inflammatory or host defense mechanisms. Consistent with this concept, our program of research is divided into three areas as follows: 1. To define the biochemical and molecular interactions by which the mucosal pathogens (e.g., Citrobacter, E. coli, E. histolytica) or their components modulate epithelial barrier functions in the gut. 2. To determine the molecular mechanisms by which PGE2 regulates pro-inflammatory responses in human colonic epithelial cells, and 3. To define the cellular and molecular basis by which E. histolytica Gal-lectin and cysteine proteinases dysregulate macrophage functions.

Supervising degrees

Medical Science - Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries

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