Jessica Theodor, PhD

PhD in Paleontology University of California Berkeley, USA
B Sc in Palaeontology University of Toronto, Canada

Jessica Theodor

Areas of Research

Dietary adaptations of herbivores
Research on diets of extinct herbivores has been a focus of much of the work in my lab. We use multiple approaches to reconstructing the diets of extinct herbivores with the aim of documenting changes in diet related to changing environments.
Ungulate Phylogeny
The evolution of the even-toed hoofed mammals [artiodactyls and whales] is an ongoing focus. CT scan analysis of the skull allows us to add morphological information for many basal species that may be the key to solving long-standing problems in the evolution of this diverse lineage.
Response to Cenozoic climate change
We are involved in field work with colleagues from the Department of Geosciences, Johns Hopkins University, and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum is aimed at adding to the known record of high-latitude community response to climate changes by collecting new fossils from the Cypress Hills of Saskatchewan.
Mammalian paleontology
Research in my lab has focused on the Cenozoic record of mammals. Recent graduate work has included testing Pleistocene extinction models, Cretaceous and Paleocene biogeography, evolution and development of mammalian teeth, comparing dietary proxies for proboscideans, dental evolution of multituberculates, and modeling the biomechanics of quadrupedal gaits.

Supervising degrees

Biological Sciences - Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries
Biological Sciences - Masters: Accepting Inquiries

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