Jan Dettmer, PhD

PhD Earth & Ocean Science 2007, M Sc Geophysics 2002 University of Victoria, Canada University of Hamburg, Germany

Jan Dettmer

Areas of Research

My research interests involve the quantitative study of Earth structures and processes which can only be probed remotely through the inversion of geophysical data, and developing computational methods to truly understand data information content to resolve the Earth. I work on several geophysical inference problems across disciplines and at a variety of scales ranging from studying the fine structure of shallow Earth and seabed to ultra-low velocity zones near the core-mantle boundary.

Supervising degrees

Geoscience - Doctoral: Unavailable
Geoscience - Masters: Unavailable

Working with this supervisor

Students with excellent quantitative skills in geophysics, mathematics, physics, or signal processing (engineering), who are interested in PhD studies can contact me for potential projects. Potential areas of study include: - Studying earth structure, in particular lithospheric structure with inverse methods - Earthquake source studies - Inverse problems and Bayesian inference

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