Gregory Taylor, PhD, M.A.

PhD Communication Studies McGill University, Montreal, Canada
M.A. Communication and Culture Ryerson University, Canada

Gregory Taylor

Areas of Research

Communication Policy
My interests are in areas of infrastructure and cultural policy at the national and global levels. I support and practice policy engagement. Policy is a power struggle.
Technology and Society
Is there work beyond determinism and constructivism? My work on wireless explores the potentials of new mobile technologies. Shut Off, my book on digital television, asks if we are truly reaping the rewards of this new approach to broadcasting (spoiler alert: no).
Canadian Media
Canada is an expansive, unique political and economic project. Communication is key. I have written about the place of public broadcasting, sport, piracy, and cultural policy.
Media and Democracy
What is the relationship between media and citizens in an increasingly fragmented mediascape?

Supervising degrees

Communication and Media Studies - Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries
Communication and Media Studies - Masters: Accepting Inquiries

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