Glen Sumner, MD, MSc, FRCP (C)

MD. Queen's University at Kingston. Kingston, Ontario
MSc. Health Economics. London School of Economics. London, UK
FRCP (C) Cardiology. Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing. McMaster University. Hamilton, Ontario

Glen L. Sumner

Areas of Research

Health Economics and Cardiovascular Outcomes
Remote Monitoring of Cardiac Implantable Devices During the COVID 19 Pandemic: Was care compromised in those without remote monitoring? An interrupted time series.
Health Outcomes Research
The Use of Patient Reported Outcomes in Atrial Fibrillation: Are clinical outcomes affected?
Health Economics and Cardiovascular Outcomes
The use of patient reported outcomes in cardiac device patients: can they predict clinical outcomes better than remote device monitoring alone?
Health Economics: Health Finance and Health Policy
Factors that influence specialist physicians preferences for fee-for-service and salary based payment models: A qualitative study. (Initial Publication: Health Policy 2021 Ogundeji et al.)
Health Economics: Health Care Financing
Sumner GL. The financing of hospital care: a comparison of activity-based funding and global budgets.
Health Economics: Behavioural Economics
Sumner GL. A colour-amplified visual cue as a behavioral nudge to improve cardiovascular disease risk.
Health Economics: Health Care Financing
Sumner GL. Primary care physician payment strategies in Alberta, Canada: optimising fiscal sustainability, health system integration, and health outcomes.
Health Economics: Health Care Finance
Incentives for care provision in cardiology: preferences of providers, patients and payers-a discrete choice experiment. (project in development)

Supervising degrees

Economics - Masters: Unavailable
Community Health Sciences - Masters: Unavailable
Public Policy - Masters: Unavailable
Economics - Diploma: Unavailable
Public Policy - Diploma: Unavailable
Community Health Sciences - Diploma: Unavailable
Precision Health - Diploma: Unavailable

Working with this supervisor

The Libin Health Policy Initiative (LHPI) was founded in November, 2020.  This academic centre develops a collaboration of researchers in cardiovascular health policy and health economics to influence health care decision-makers at the provincial and national level.

Our research and policy initiatives aim to align incentives in order to optimize the timely delivery of accessible, high quality, patient-centred cardiovascular care.

The LHPI aims to become an evidence-driven thought leader in cardiovascular health policy and health economics research.  The LHPI will achieve this through the formulation of innovative research and policy ideas that are executed through collaboration with other academic groups in Alberta and nationally.  

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