Frank Maurer, Dr. rer. nat.

PhD in Computer Science University of Kaiserslautern

Frank Maurer

Areas of Research

Engineering immersive analytics applications
My group investigates processes, techniques and tools for creating immersive analytics applications. Immersive analytics integrates techniques from machine learning with augmented/virtual reality approaches. Our work focuses more on the "immersive" side while utilizing approaches from AI/ML to analyze data.

Supervising degrees

Computer Science Masters: Accepting Inquiries
Computational Media Design Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries
Computational Media Design Masters: Accepting Inquiries
Computer Science Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries

Working with this supervisor

My group is on the applied side of research. Many of our projects involve industrial partners. Students often develop a software application with an industrial partner and use this project as a case study for their research. Some of my students have entrepreneurial aspirations and I'm actively encouraging this. All my students like to develop software. As I'm getting too many applications for grad school, I'm deleting any without response that do not state what the research interests of the applicant is and how it fits with my group's research agenda around immersive analytics. If you want to conduct research on AI/ML, you need to look for a different supervisor.

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