Douglas Mahoney, PhD

PdD in Medical Sciences Faculty of Medicine McMaster University, Canada

Douglas Mahoney

Areas of Research

Cancer Immunotherapy
Immunotherapy has emerged as a “fourth pillar” of cancer therapy. Our lab is developing novel virus-based immunotherapies for treating pediatric solid tumours and other cancers. To accomplish this, we use a variety of standard and cutting-edge multidisciplinary techniques, including intravital microscopy and other in vivo imaging modalities; flow cytometry and other standard immunology methods; high-throughput drug, RNAi and CRISPR screening; genetic engineering of viruses, cancer and T cells; next-generation sequencing. Our primary model system is the mouse. We use established, syngeneic, orthotopic models of pediatric sarcoma, neuroblastoma and adult breast cancer, as well as autochthonous models of pediatric sarcoma that we are developing. Our research encompasses the study of both the cancer and its environment, including secondary lymphoid organs and the gut microbiome.

Supervising degrees

Microbiology and Infectious Disease - Doctoral: Unavailable
Microbiology and Infectious Disease - Masters: Unavailable
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Doctoral: Unavailable
Medical Science - Masters: Unavailable
Immunology - Doctoral: Unavailable
Immunology - Masters: Unavailable
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Masters: Unavailable

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