Deborah Dewey, PhD, MSc, MA

PhD in Psychology University of Calgary, Canada
M Sc in Kinesiology University of Waterloo, Canada
MA in Clinical Psychology University of Saskatchewan

Deborah Dewey

Areas of Research

pediatric health and neurodevelopment
My research focuses on the neurobiology and genetics of co-occurring neurodevelopmental disorders, and the role that the prenatal environment plays in children’s physical health and neurodevelopmental. My research program is examining: - brain structure and function in typically developing children and children with neurodevelopmental disorders including developmental coordination disorders, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and autism spectrum disorder. - the genetic basis genes of developmental coordination disorder and co-occurring disorders including attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. - the effects of prenatal and early childhood exposures (i.e., neurotoxicants, maternal nutrition, maternal mental health, maternal HIV) on children’s brains, cognitive development, behaviour and mental health in Canada and Tanzania. - the role of prenatal and perinatal events such as being born too early on neurodevelopment and brain structure and function.
Other Degrees I Supervise
In addition to the above degrees, I supervise students in the following: - MSc in Neuroscience - Thesis based - PhD in Community Health Sciences - Thesis-based

Supervising degrees

Medical Science - Masters: Unavailable
Community Health Sciences - Masters: Unavailable
Neuroscience - Doctoral: Unavailable

Working with this supervisor

Candidates need to have an interest in and expertise in child health and neurodevelopment.

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