Dana Olstad, PhD, RD

PhD Nutrition and Metabolism and Public Health University of Alberta
M Sc Nutrition and Metabolism University of Alberta
B Sc Nutrition and Food Science with Distinction University of Alberta
Designation as Registered Dietitian University of Alberta

Dana Olstad

Areas of Research

Public health nutrition
Socioeconomically disadvantaged groups have poorer dietary patterns than their more advantaged counterparts, and these differences have negative health consequences. As a public health nutrition scholar, Dr. Olstad’s research program aims to understand the reasons for these dietary and health differences from a social determinants of health perspective, and the role of policy in this respect. A social determinants of health perspective acknowledges that the contexts within which individuals live, grow and work shapes their dietary patterns and health outcomes. A priority of her research is therefore to understand how policy can be used to improve the conditions of daily life to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic circumstances, have the same opportunity to enjoy healthful foods and good health. Dr. Olstad’s research extends across the lifecourse to understand how conditions and policies at all stages of life shape health behaviours and health outcomes. She uses quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods to study real-world programs and policies in real-life contexts. Another key area of interest relates to dietary patterns. Dietary pattern analysis considers how the properties of whole foods, and interactions among them, shape health over and above individual nutrients. Dr. Olstad’s research seeks to understand how different patterns of dietary intake shape health and disease, particularly among disadvantaged groups.

Supervising degrees

Community Health Sciences Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries
Community Health Sciences Masters: Accepting Inquiries

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Dr. Olstad is actively seeking new graduate students with an interest in public health nutrition.

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