Christopher Sears, PhD

PhD, University of Western Ontario, 1996
MA, University of Western Ontario, 1991
BA (Hons), University of New Brunswick, 1989

Christopher Sears

Areas of Research

Cognition, Emotion, Memory, Attention, Depression, Depression Vulnerability, Body Image

Supervising degrees

Psychology - Masters: Accepting Inquiries
Psychology - Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries

Working with this supervisor

My main research program examines individual differences in cognition, attention, and memory that are associated with mood and anxiety disorders. I also pursue research on associations between attention, body image, and eating disorders (with Kristin von Ranson), and research on cognitive and affective factors in disordered gambling (with Daniel McGrath). In my lab we frequently use mood inductions and priming procedures to study interactions between attention, memory, and mood (an NSERC-supported research program). Many of our studies examine attention and memory biases in depressed and depression-vulnerable individuals, and we frequently use eye gaze tracking to measure differences in attention to emotional stimuli (e.g., Fernandez, Quigley, Dobson, & Sears, 2022; Newman, Quigley, Fernandez, Dobson, & Sears, 2019). My graduate students and honours thesis students are always collaborators in these studies. Visit the Cognition and Emotion Lab website for more information, or my Psychology profile page.

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