Cara MacInnis, PhD

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Areas of Research

Social Psychology
In general, I am interested in the way humans interact with one another in our diverse world, focusing on barriers to positive intergroup relations. All of my work is relevant to the study of negative attitudes toward groups, or prejudice, with most of my research falling into one of three overlapping lines of research: Examining perceptions (e.g., dehumanization, meta-stereotypes), behaviours (e.g., avoidance of dissimilar others), and emotions (e.g., disgust) that negatively impact intergroup relations. Examining intolerance-related socio-political orientations (e.g., authoritarianism, social dominance orientation, conservatism), both in terms of their correlates and consequences (e.g., sexual behaviour) and in terms of their impact on intergroup relations. Examining potential means by which to overcome barriers to positive intergroup relations and reduce prejudice (e.g., cross-group contact).

Supervising degrees

Psychology - Masters: Unavailable
Psychology - Doctoral: Unavailable