Brent Else, BSc (Hon), MSc, PhD

PhD in Geography, Specialization in Oceanography/Micrometeorology University of Manitoba / Canada
PhD in Geography, Specialization in Remote Sensing University of Calgary / Canada
B Sc (Hon) in Geography, Specialization in Physical Geography University of Calgary / Canada

Brent Else

Areas of Research

Air-sea interactions in the Arctic
Exchange of greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4) between atmosphere and ocean/sea ice surfaces, energy balance of sea ice.
Arctic marine carbon cycles
Biogeochemical cycles of CO2 in Arctic seas, ocean acidification, focus on the role of sea ice, cycling of CO2 between ocean and atmosphere.
Remote sensing of Arctic marine environments
Remote sensing of biogeochemical processes, remote sensing of sea ice
Arctic marine ecosystems
Impacts of acidification/pollution on key resource species (e.g. Arctic Char), links between lower trophic levels (primary producers) and marine carbonate system cycles
Improved weather observations for Arctic operations
Autonomous real-time weather stations, community based monitoring

Supervising degrees

Geography - Doctoral: Seeking Students
Geography - Masters: Seeking Students
Geography - Masters: Seeking Students

Working with this supervisor

Students with experience in micrometeorology techniques, particularly eddy covariance.

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