Braedon McDonald, MD, PhD, FRCPC

BSc (Hons) - McGill University
MD - University of Calgary
PhD (Immunology) - University of Calgary
FRCPC (Internal Medicine) - University of British Columbia
FRCPC (Critical Care Medicine) - University of Calgary
Postdoctoral Fellowship (Microbiome research) - International Microbiome Centre

Dr Braedon McDonald

Areas of Research

Host-microbe interactions
(1) Intravital imaging of host-microbe interactions in vivo. (2) Germ-free and gnotobiotic models of ICU dysbiosis. (3) Cellular and molecular mechanisms of microbiota-immune communication during sepsis and critical illness.
Microbiome in Critical Illness
(1) Gut microbiota dysbiosis in the pathogenesis of nosocomial infections and organ dysfunction in the ICU. (2) Multi-dimensional profiling of microbiota-immune interactions in ICU patients. (3) Host-microbe interactions and immune dysfunction in critical illness.
Critical Care Translational Research
(1) Development of precision microbiota-editing strategies to modulate microbiota-immune mutualism. (2) Immunotherapy for the treatment of sepsis.

Supervising degrees

Immunology - Masters: Unavailable
Immunology - Doctoral: Unavailable
Medical Science - Masters: Unavailable
Medical Science - Doctoral: Unavailable

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