Andrea Freeman, PhD

PhD Anthropology with a minor in Geosciences Department (now School) of Anthropology University of Arizona, USA
MA Anthropology University of Arizona, USA

Andrea Freeman

Areas of Research

My geoarchaeological research focuses primarily on two main areas of interest. I have worked in fluvial systems and am interested in soil formation processes and the preservation potential of archaeological sites. I have used stable isotopic and micro botanical data and am currently using micro morphology and soil chemistry to explore these issues. My second area of interest is the geoarchaoelogical potential of Paleoindian sites in the mountainous terrain in British Columbia and Alberta. These areas require fine resolution glacial chronology and the exploration of unconventional locations. Both OSL and C14 dating are integral parts of this research.
Archaeology of the Northern Plains
I am primarily interested in early occupations of the northern Plains. I have focused my current and past research on Paleoindian and Archaic time periods, but occasionally have students that foray into later period archaeology.
Public Outreach in Archaeology
I am currently working on a book for my Archaeology and the Media class and have a side interest in how we relay our research to the public. I would be interested in engaging any students wishing to take on these issues.

Supervising degrees

Archaeology - Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries
Archaeology - Masters: Accepting Inquiries
Geography - Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries
Geography - Masters: Accepting Inquiries

Working with this supervisor

I am looking for highly motivated and self-driven candidates to work on geoarchaeological problems. Background training in archaeology and/or the earth sciences (geography, geoscience, etc.) is necessary. Candidates should have experience in both areas of study (ideally) or be willing to take on additional study in order to provide them the background for geoarchaeological research. Specialized research methods are often learned outside the program of study.

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