Scholarship Application

How to access the application

** It is recommended that you access the application via Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox internet browsers. Chrome users will encounter issues due to a chrome delivered update**

In your Student Centre, find the Financial Aid section on the left side of your screen and click Apply for Graduate Awards to start your application. This will open the Student Awards Application landing page. Click on the award competition you would like to apply for.

You may create one application per competition each year. If an application is incorrectly cancelled, you must contact the graduate program through which you are applying and request the application be reactivated. 


Student Centre- Step 1
Create an application- Step 1

Student Awards Application landing page

Applicant information

Your student profile such as your name, contact information and program will be included automatically when you submit your application. 

Applicant information

Start with a short list

The web app will identify internal awards for which you are eligible and post a short list to your profile. You can research and select the awards you would like to pursue in your application.

Select the check box for the awards you wish to be considered for, or select the Click Here link to access the award Terms of Reference.


Manage your references

Request and track your references before finalizing your application to ensure that these important documents are in before, or by, the application deadline. New students can use their references from their admission application toward their scholarship application.


Track your progress

A visual to-do list will make tracking your progress a cinch, helping you complete your application easily and on time.

task bar