Elizabeth Cannon Graduate Scholarship in Entrepreneurial Thinking

Created to support and encourage graduate students engaging in entrepreneurial activities that will contribute to the growth and vitality of the Calgary community

Recipients of this award demonstrate research-related entrepreneurial activities through entrepreneurial research, innovative approaches to complex problems, developing/operating a business or social enterprise or community building through innovation.

At a glance


$20,000 per year for two years




Eligible applicants must submit a Preliminary Assessment Form (PAF) to the Faculty of Graduate Studies Scholarship Office.

The 2020 PAF is closed.

Degree type

Students registered in a thesis-based graduate program

Preparing your application

Students with a UCalgary student number (UCID) may apply for awards after submitting an application for admission. You do not need to be accepted into your program before you apply for awards.

Please ensure that you have completed the following two steps before submitting your application:

Read the terms of reference

Awards are based on merit. It is important to read and understand the award terms of reference listed on this page and/or on the agency, or donor website.

Know your eligibility

Read our guide to discover the polices and regulations that determines a student's award eligibility at the University of Calgary.

Award Guide: Eligibility

Terms of reference


Students must submit a one-page statement describing how their research-related entrepreneurial activities will contribute to the growth and vitality of the Calgary community through one or more of the following:

  • Entrepreneurial research
  • Innovative approach to solve multidimensional problems
  • Development and operation of a business or social enterprise
  • Community building through innovation


Eligible applicants must first submit a Preliminary Assessment Form (PAF) to the Faculty of Graduate Studies Scholarship Office.

Did you know? Successful students who submit their PAFs early will have more time to complete the full application.

2020 PAF is closed

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