Dec. 1, 2020

UCalgary is committed to ensuring a harassment-free work environment

Harassment and Violence Awareness Training course now available
UCalgary is committed to ensuring a harassment-free work environment.
UCalgary is committed to ensuring a harassment-free work environment. Riley Brandt

The University of Calgary is committed to creating a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment for working and learning. To honour these commitments, and in compliance with new Alberta legislation, the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) team has developed a Harassment and Violence Awareness Training course.  

“UCalgary is committed to providing and promoting an atmosphere of trust and respect that upholds the dignity and fair treatment of all individuals while ensuring a harassment-free environment,” says Linda Dalgetty, vice-president (finance and services). “As part of this commitment, the online Harassment and Violence Awareness Training course will help employees understand how to access appropriate supports, recognize what constitutes workplace harassment and how to ensure the safety and well-being of the entire campus community.” 

On Sept. 21, the provincial Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) department issued an order directing the implementation of required training for all employees on how to recognize and respond to workplace violence and/or harassment.  

Some portfolios will receive access to the course immediately, and by January 2021, all employee groups will have access. To confirm when the training will be available to your portfolio, please speak with your manager.  

“At UCalgary, harassment is defined as unwelcome and inappropriate verbal, written, graphic or physical conduct, or coercive behaviour, where the behaviour is known or reasonably ought to be known to be unwelcome that causes offence, humiliates or adversely affects workers’ health and safety,” says Paulette Harrison, co-chair, Joint Worksite Health and Safety Committee. “We always strive to create a safe and respectful work experience for every employee.” 

As required by the OHS Act, all current and future employees are required to complete the training. The training will take approximately 35 minutes to complete, and all faculty and staff will receive an email notification of enrolment. After you receive your enrolment notification, you will have two weeks to complete the course. Once this training is completed by all current faculty and staff members, only new hires will be required to take it.   

Managers will receive automated emails when their employees are enrolled in the course. Please work with your employees to schedule a time to complete the course within the allotted 14 days. 

For more information, visit UCalgary’s EHS website

Get support 

Mental health services and supports are available for all staff here. Resources on how to report an incident of workplace harassment, bullying, and/or discrimination can be found on the Human Resources website and/or the Office of Protected Disclosure and Research Integrity. 

Additional training 
In addition to the new Harassment and Violence Awareness Training, we want to remind you of related learning: