Aug. 3, 2021

The power of peer support

Navigating through university life can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through it alone. Peer support can help students better cope with the stress of university.
Peer Support

Peer supporters are fully trained student volunteers that can help guide you through student life. They understand the ups and downs of the university experience and can help navigate through them. These are some of the benefits of accessing peer support.  

Develop your professional skills
Take the opportunity to get advice from other students who have already started their academic journey. Peer supporters can help you navigate the campus, let you know what groups or clubs to join, and give you advice on how to prepare for your courses. Peer support can enrich your academic experience and be an essential factor in building the confidence you need to transition during and after university.

Encourage inclusivity
Peer support provides a welcoming space for students to share their experiences. Students are free to ask questions or discuss anything that’s on their mind. Peer support programs encourage new perspectives, reduce stigmas, and strengthen the community by creating an inclusive environment and sense of belonging.

Connect with others
For some students, university can be an isolating time. With many courses making the switch to online-learning, students can miss out on the social connections they once made in the classroom. Peer support allows you to check in and feel connected to others when you may be feeling alone.

There to help you through a hard time
Volunteers always have your wellbeing in mind. They are trained to assist and advocate, both in groups and one-on-one. Peer supporters can help you access mental health resources, workshops and training, and can recognize when students may need to seek additional support.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a peer supporter, or in need of support, connecting with other students can greatly benefit your wellbeing. Student Wellness Services provide many opportunities to access peer support.

Visit Student Wellness Services and find a peer support program that works for you.

All meetings with peer supporters are confidential unless you pose a risk to yourself or others.