Jan. 11, 2022

New admissions process sees success after two years

UCalgary Law's Black Students Admissions Process as seen a record number of Black students admitted to the law school.

Adopted in 2020, UCalgary Law's Black Students Admissions Process (BSAP) was built from the Calls to Action from the Calgary chapter of the Black Law Students Association. The BSAP is an optional opportunity for applicants who self identify as being of Black African descent, or multi-racial students identifying with their Black ancestry that provides space and visibility for Black applicants to speak about their lived experience and the barriers they have overcome. It is intended to address the under representation of Black students within our law school and the larger legal community and lessen the systemic barriers that exist that lead to the under-representation of Black law students and, consequently, Black lawyers.

The BSAP has seen great success to date, including the admission of 12 Black students as first-year JD students in September 2021. 

Watch the video to hear the impact the BSAP has for future and current law students.