Christina has brown curly hair, brown eyes and wears a white scarf, green sweater and blue dress. She is facing forward and smiling at the camera.

Christina Leach

Pronouns: She/her


Graduate Teaching Assistant

Faculty of Arts , Department of Philosophy

Graduate Student - Master of Arts

Faculty of Arts , Department of Philosophy

Contact information

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Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts Honours Philosophy, University of Calgary, 2019


Christina received her Honours BA in Philosophy in 2019 and is now a graduate student, specializing in History & Philosophy of science. Her primary research interests include psychiatry, medical ethics, epistemic injustice, disability & marginalization, scientific value, health & disease, and neuroscience. 

In her spare time she enjoys hiking, writing, and a variety of creative projects.


Areas of Research

Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Psychiatry, Philosophy of Disability, Epistemic Injustice