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How to Use the Database

Welcome to the University of Calgary Graduate Award Database
You may search this database in a variety of ways. We recommend that you search by using just one or two fields; if you filter your search too much you may exclude awards that you may be eligible for.
To search by Award Name: Search by one word only. For example, the Izaak Walton Killam Pre-Doctoral Scholarship should be searched by ‘Izaak’, or ‘Killam’ but not by ‘Izaak Killam’.
To search by Program:Click on the program field and choose one or more programs from the drop down list.
To search by Category: Select one or more boxes in this section:
  • Bursaries are awards based on academic merit and financial need
  • Entrance awards support new doctoral students
  • Medals and prizes recognize graduates whose dissertations make an original and significant contribution to their academic field
  • Open doctoral awards support doctoral students with a first-class average
  • Awards that are recommended by program support students from a specific program or faculty
  • Special awards support a particular area of interest or research
  • Travel awards support students who are undertaking fieldwork or who are presenting their work or research at major national and/or international conferences
  • To search by Keywords, search by one word or one phrase only.
  • To search by Degree, select the choice that will apply to you at the time the award will be paid. For example, if you are currently a master’s student, but will be registered in a doctoral program, select doctoral for your degree.
  • To search by Citizenship, select your citizenship at the time the award will be paid. For example, if you are currently an international student but will have permanent residency at time of payment, select Canadian or Permanent Resident
  • To search by Registration Status, select the status that will apply to you at the time the award is paid.
After you have refined your search, click “search” for complete information on each award, including:
  • Full terms of reference
  • Eligibility requirements including degree, program and registration status
  • Award value and duration
  • Application process
  • Deadline for submission
If you require assistance, contact