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China Scholarship Council

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Quick Facts
The China Scholarship Council (CSC) is a Chinese government agency that offers scholarships to provide high quality education and research training to qualified Chinese students with the aim of developing research collaborations between the University of Calgary and Chinese institutions by establishing the “CSC/UofC Joint Scholarship Program”. There are two subprograms:

(a) doctoral (PhD) and visiting PhD
(b) visiting scholar and postdoctoral subprogram

The maximum number of students admitted in each category is:

(a) 15 PhD students and 15 visiting PhD students
(b) 10 postdoctoral fellows and 10 visiting scholars

CSC will provide the admitted students, scholars and postdocs under this program with standard living allowances as determined by the Chinese government (which include international student health insurance, visa application fees and ‘round trip’ airfare to Calgary).
University of Calgary will provide funding equivalent to the cost of tuition (excluding student fees) plus $2000 per year to the admitted PhD students under this program for the entire period of study at the university (max. 48 months)
University of Calgary will also provide a $2000 funding package annually for each admitted visiting PhD student (max. 24 months)
Eligible Areas of Study
All areas of study are eligible to apply, however, CSC and the University of Calgary have identified priority for sponsorship as:
  • Business
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Science
  • Social Science
PhD and Visiting PhD Program: The deadline for students to apply for CSC in China is April 5th every year. Please see application procedures below for more details on University of Calgary deadlines.
Chinese citizens living in China.
Students from Hong Kong and Macau are not eligible at this time.
Application Procedures

Applying to University of Calgary as a regular doctoral or Cotutelle student

Applicants who are applying to be regular doctoral students are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Please ensure that you do not miss the program deadline.

Applicants contact programs and prepare application documents

September 1 – January 31
Some programs have earlier deadlines, please ensure that you meet the deadline.

Graduate programs assess applications and make recommendations to the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS)

December – February 1

FGS reviews recommendations

December to February 27

FGS issues offers of admission to students

No later than March 20th

Students apply for CSC scholarship through their home universities in China

March 20th – April 5th*

CSC application deadline

April 5th

CSC announces scholarship recipients


*Note: Chinese universities may have an internal competition for CSC scholarship
  • It is strongly encouraged that you approach faculty member(s) with research interests that match yours. When sending emails to them, indicate that you are a potential CSC applicant.
  • Take the TOEFL or IELTS test, and ensure your test results are sent to University of Calgary. Important: Consult the Graduate Calendar-Program Descriptions to see the scores required by the program you are applying to. Different program may require different scores.
  • Visit and complete the online application. If you are new to the system, please register a new eID. When applying, make sure that you indicate in the remarks section that you will be applying for the CSC competition in China.
  • Collect the official transcripts and the number of reference letters required by your program.
  • Graduate program submit Recommendation for Admission From to FGS.
  • FGS issues conditional admission letters to the students and copies the graduate program.

Applying to University of Calgary as a Visiting PhD Student

Applicants who are applying to be visiting PhD students are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

  • Contact the University of Calgary Graduate program in which you would like to apply to. You must find a faculty member in the program to agree to supervise you. When sending emails to them, you may want to indicate that you are a potential CSC applicant.
  • Fill out the Application for Admission as a Visiting Student form.
  • Obtain permission from your home university to study at the UofC as a visiting student.
  • Graduate Program at the UofC sends the approved form to FGS.
  • FGS sends conditional invitation to the applicants.

Applying to University of Calgary as a visiting scholar/postdoctoral

Please contact for more information.

Information for Faculty and Staff

Graduate Program Directors/Administrators, please visit the FGS SharePoint Intranet to get information on admission procedures. If you are a supervisor, please contact your Graduate Program Administrator or to get further details.

Contact Information