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Supervisory Development

Guides for Supervisors
The University of Western Ontario has created two Purple Guides to assist Graduate Supervisors in their role of guiding and mentoring graduate students.
My GradSkills Workshops
The My GradSkills program offers workshops for graduate students that supplement the training you are providing as a Graduate Supervisor.
New Supervisor Orientation
The Faculty of Graduate Studies developed a workshop on policies, procedures and best practices. The course is required for all new Supervisors, however, anyone is welcome to attend. Please contact Dave Hansen, Assistant Dean (Supervisory Development) to register:, 403-220-2196.
Supervisor Workshops
The My SupervisorSkills program provides training to help you in your role as a Graduate Supervisor. Workshop topics include: best practices in graduate supervision, how to resolve conflicts with your graduate students, how to prepare graduate students for oral exams, etc. Timing and registration information for these workshops are e-mailed directly to Graduate Supervisors and Graduate Program Directors.
Individual Mentoring
Dave Hansen, Assistant Dean (Supervisory Development) can meet with you individually, or as a small group, to provide information, guidance and training that will support you in your role as a Graduate Supervisor. To schedule a meeting, please contact Dave Hansen directly:, 403-220-2196.
Presentations to Graduate Programs/Departments
We also develop training that is tailored to the specific needs of your program, and can be presented in your Graduate Program or Department meetings. To schedule a presentation, please contact Dave Hansen, Assistant Dean (Supervisory Development):, 403-220-2196.