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The Faculty of Graduate Studies has developed this section of the website to help you with your thesis preparation and submission.
Before you start
  • Visit the Thesis Guidelines to get an overview of the thesis requirements and the most updated regulations. [updated on August 10, 2016]
  • Read the Thesis Copyright Guidelines to help you understand copyright in the preparation of a thesis. [updated on Sept. 5, 2012]
Writing your thesis
  • Copyright: It is important to know about the use of copyrighted material in your thesis. If you have any questions, ask right away rather than waiting. The Thesis Guidelines and the Thesis Copyright Guidelines provide useful information on copyright issues. Questions about copyright can be sent to
  • Academic Integrity: Please read and understand this section when writing your thesis.
  • Thesis templates: You may want to use these templates to help you with formatting.
After writing
  • Visit the Examination section and Graduate Calendar to understand all regulations and requirements regarding the Thesis Oral Examination (check with your home program for departmental requirements.)
After defending your thesis
  • Make any modifications required by your supervisor(s) and/or committee.
Submitting your thesis
  • Revisit the Thesis Guidelines to ensure that the thesis you are submitting meets all the requirements.
  • Make sure that the thesis you are submitting is the final and defended copy.
  • Complete, print and submit to FGS all the required forms.
  • Proceed to eThesis submission(No changes can be made to your thesis once it's submitted)