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How do I get paid? Accept or Decline an Award
When do I get paid? Renew a Multi-year Award
What did I get paid? Payment plan for tuition and fees
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Graduate student funding comes from many different sources – it can come from a single source or a combination of sources:
  • supervisors, programs, scholarships, awards, research grants, graduate assistantships, training grants, governments, foundations, private donors, third party sponsors and more.
It is important for you to know and understand:
  • where your funding comes from
  • what your responsibilities are (read the ‘small print’, the award terms of reference, funding guidelines, regulations and/or contracts)
  • what the eligibility requirements are for each source of your funding
  • that if you receive funding when no longer eligible, you can be required to pay that funding back
How do I get paid?
Graduate funding is paid directly to you through automatic bank deposit, not towards tuition, unless otherwise specified by the terms of reference of the award.
To receive payment, you must:
  • be registered by the 10th of the month in which you are starting the award
  • as a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, provide your Canadian Social Insurance Number to the Human Resources Payroll Office (at fax 210-8155, phone 220-5932)
  • as an International student, provide a Study Permit Number with expiry date and a temporary Canadian Social Insurance Number or Individual Tax Number to the Human Resources Payroll Office (at fax 210-8155, phone 220-5932)
  • set up direct deposit to your account
To set-up direct deposit:
  1. login in to the myUofC portal
  2. navigate to Self Service / Student Centre / Submit Banking Information and follow the instructions there
If you have difficulty entering your banking information, contact Human Resources at or drop by the Integrated Service Centre, MacKimmie Tower, MT 107 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., no appointment required.
Your SIN (Social Insurance Number) and/or valid study permit information must also be on file with the University. Submit these documents to your Graduate Program Administrator.
When do I get paid?
Funding is paid in two ways, as scholarship or as employment. Funding paid as scholarship is paid on the 25th of each month. Funding paid as employment is paid on the 10th and 25th of each month. Your funding package might include both types of payments.
Scholarships are paid according to the following schedule, unless otherwise required by an external granting agency
Amount of Award Payment
Up to $2,500 One lump sum payment
$2,501 to $6,000 Paid in equal monthly installments over a four month term
$6,001 to $10,000 Paid in equal monthly installments over eight months
Awards over $10,000 Paid in equal monthly installments over twelve months
Award start dates are determined by the funding agency, university, competition, award, student registration status and/or other funding held. Students cannot select the start date or payment schedule of an FGS administered award.
  • payments normally start in May, September or January, unless otherwise specified by the funding agency
  • program Recommended Awards (excluding Program Recommended Queen Elizabeth II Scholarships), Special awards and Bursaries start in September or January
  • program Recommended Queen Elizabeth II Scholarships start in May, September or January
  • all external major awards must be taken up at the earliest possible start date when you are also holding an FGS award
What did I get paid?
You should know and understand what you have been paid – check your Grad Student Earnings Details statement each month.
  • login to the myUofC portal
  • navigate to: Academic / Finances / My Refunds / Earnings Detail Statement
Earnings Details Statement
Some funding, such as government or third-party sponsor funding, may go directly towards the payment of fees and tuition rather than to your bank account and will not appear on the Earnings Details Statement.
If your funding is paid to your bank account, you are responsible to pay your tuition and fees by the fee payment deadline in each term.
Income Tax
All students paid funding by the University, including international students, will receive an annual T4 and/or T4A statement for Canadian tax purposes.
If you have tax questions, contact the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Accept or Decline an Award
By accepting payment, you agree to abide by the rules and regulations governing graduate awards administered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. If you fail to do so, the university may require that you repay the scholarship.
Make sure you officially accept or refuse your award. If you are offered an award:
  • notification of the award and award details will be sent to your University of Calgary email (
  • if it is required, you must accept or decline the award offer via the myUofC Student Centre no later than the deadline stated in the offer
  • it is your responsibility to ensure compliance; if you must decline the award due to the Graduate Scholarship and Award Regulation , you may include the declined award on your Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • if the award is established by a private donor, the Development Office will email you an invitation to thank the donor
Renew a Multi-year Award
To renew a multi-year award, you must provide proof of satisfactory progress in program through one of the following, depending on the requirement of your award:
Can I set up a payment plan to pay tuition and fees?
If you are receiving funding from the University of Calgary that is greater than your tuition and fees, you may apply for a Graduate Student Payment Plan. This plan allows you to make payments on your fees over a specified period of time.
For more information, go to the Tuition and Fees page on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.
Contact: If you have questions about your payments, contact the Graduate Award Office at or drop by the Award Office, MacKimmie Tower, MT 213 between 10 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., no appointment required.