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eThesis Submission & Forms

Submitted by 21232f297a57a5a... on Mon, 08/10/2015 - 2:33pm

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1. Submit all required forms to the FGS office
Before you proceed with electronic submission of your thesis to The Vault, ensure that all of the required thesis forms have been printed and submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) Office. It is strongly suggested that you submit the forms in person so that any omissions or corrections to the forms can be made at that time.
Completed thesis forms must be received no later than 4:30 pm on the day of the deadline* and electronic submission to The Vault must be done by 11:59 pm the same day. Your electronic submission will be declined if the required thesis forms are not received in advance.
*Deadline reflects the date set by your program to meet all degree requirements OR the Fee payment deadline if you wish to avoid paying fees for the following semester.
2. Copyright permission and Ethics approval
Please ensure that you have obtained permission for the use of all copyrighted materials in your thesis and accompanying files. Copyright permission letters must be submitted along with your thesis forms to FGS and included in your thesis document. Refer to the Copyright Permission section (1.3) of the Thesis Guidelines and the Library Copyright Guidelines for more information.
If your research involves human or animal subjects, ethics approval forms must be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, but not included in your thesis file. See the Ethics Approval section in the Thesis Guidelines for more information.
3. Online thesis submission to The Vault
Are you submitting the final copy of your thesis? Please review and make all corrections approved by your examining committee prior to submitting your thesis electronically. No changes can be made to your thesis once it has been submitted.
Once you have made sure that your thesis has met all the formatting requirements outlined in the Thesis Guidelines, download the eThesis Submission Manual and proceed to submit your thesis to the University of Calgary thesis repository – The Vault.
Your thesis will be added to the approval queue and reviewed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. If your thesis is not rejected for further corrections, you will receive an email confirming that your thesis has been approved and archived in The Vault. Please note that this process takes 5-7 business days and your thesis will not be available to public until the week after convocation.

Download Forms for eThesis:

Mandatory for eThesis:
  1. Thesis Submission Cover Sheet [updated Aug. 30, 2016]
  2. Thesis Title page - as it appears in your thesis [updated Jun. 8, 2016]
  3. Thesis Approval Form (formerly Approval Page) [updated Sep. 29, 2014]
  4. Notice of Completion for Thesis-based students (formerly Departmental Clearance for Convocation for Thesis Students form) [updated Nov. 04, 2016]
  5. Library Archives Canada Theses Non-Exclusive Licence Note: A revised license agreement with Theses Canada is under review and students are advised to continue to use this form for their thesis submission. [updated Mar. 2016]
If Applicable: 
  1. Thesis Withhold form
  2. Ethics approval with signatures
  3. Copyright Permissions
  4. ProQuest Submission Form [updated May 22, 2015]
  5. A pdf. copy of your thesis (in a CD) with no approval page