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Graduate Program Officers

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Graduate Program Officer (Program List)

Benedicta Antepim (403) 220-6355

Graduate Program Officer (Program List)

Robin Hawes (403) 220-2804

Graduate Program Officer (Program List)

Carmen Ho (403) 220-2196

Graduate Program Officer (Program List)

Catalina Kovacs (403) 210-9754

Graduate Program Officer

Joanna Wong (403) 220-3056

Graduate Program Officer, Team Lead (Program List)

Corey Wilkes (403) 220-5419
Faculty Responsibilities Lead E-mail
Joanna Wong
Anthropology Benedicta Antepim
Archaeology Benedicta Antepim
Art Carmen Ho
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Robin Hawes
Biological Sciences Carmen Ho
Biomedical Engineering Benedicta Antepim
Cardiovascular/Respiratory Robin Hawes
Chemical and Petroleum Catalina Kovacs
Civil Engineering Benedicta Antepim
Clinical Psychology Catalina Kovacs
Community Health Science Catalina Kovacs
Computational Media Design Robin Hawes
Computer Science Benedicta Antepim
Drama Carmen Ho
Economics Robin Hawes
Educational Psychology (Master’s and PhD) Catalina Kovacs
Educational Research (EDD, PhD, Master's Thesis) Benedicta Antepim
Educational Research (Master’s Course) Catalina Kovacs
Electrical & Computer Engineering Robin Hawes
English Benedicta Antepim
Environmental Design Corey Wilkes
Kinesiology Carmen Ho
Law Robin Hawes
Nursing Robin Hawes
Social Work Robin Hawes
French, Italian & Spanish Carmen Ho
Gastrointestinal Science Benedicta Antepim
Geography Robin Hawes
Geomatics Engineering Corey Wilkes
Geoscience Benedicta Antepim
Greek and Roman Studies Benedicta Antepim
Haskayne School of Business Corey Wilkes
History Robin Hawes
Immunology Robin Hawes
Interdisciplinary Graduate Program Robin Hawes
Linguistics Benedicta Antepim
Mathematics and Statistics Benedicta Antepim
Medical Science Carmen Ho
Microbiology & Infectious Diseases Benedicta Antepim
Military and Strategic Studies Benedicta Antepim
Music Carmen Ho
Philosophy Carmen Ho
Political Science Robin Hawes
Psychology Catalina Kovacs
Religious Studies Benedicta Antepim
Sociology Carmen Ho
Public Policy Robin Hawes
Veterinary Medical Sciences Corey Wilkes