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All graduate scholarships and awards administered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS), including those disbursed on behalf of external granting agencies, are governed by clearly defined policies and regulations.
Three main responsibilities for all award recipients are:
By accepting an award offer you are acknowledging that you understand and will abide by these rules.

If you are no longer eligible for an award, you must inform the Graduate Scholarship Office immediately. If you receive a scholarship payment(s) and you are not eligible, you may be required to repay the money you have received.

Awards are subject to the policies and regulations in effect in the year in which the award will be paid. 

Funding Information

How, when and how much will you be paid? Make sure you have completed all the necessary steps in order to receive payment.


The Faculty of Graduate Studies has policies on:

  • Payment of awards when fees are delinquent
  • Donor involvement
  • Release of individual rank placements