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Faculty and Staff

The members of the administrative staff of Faculty of Graduate Studies are an eclectic group of people passionate about graduate education with the expertise to assist you with any inquiry you have throughout your graduate program.
Graduate Program Officers, Scholarship Officers and other members of the administrative team are available to provide you with the resources to foster your success. Members of our staff are fluent in French, Spanish, Romanian, Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese and are here to assist you and make you feel welcome to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
The Associate & Assistant Deans of the faculty embody the innovative and creative qualities of research and teaching at the University of Calgary.
  • Dr. Lisa Hughes, Associate Professor, Department of Greek and Roman Studies has been consistently recognized and awarded for her excellence in teaching. Dr. Hughes' research interests include Roman art and archaeology, Roman social history and a special interest in non-elite representations of the early Empire.
  • Dr. Dave Hansen, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences. Dr. Hansen’s lab studies how the balance between stem cell self-renewal (proliferation) and differentiation is regulated using the C. elegans germ line as a model. Genetic, molecular and biochemical techniques are used to identify the factors involved in regulating the proliferation versus differentiation decision and to determine how these factors are controlled.
  • Dr. Jalel Azaiez, Professor, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. Dr. Azaiez's research group conducts studies in Micro-Fluidics to understand the fundamentals of transport phenomena of complex flows at the micro-scale level. These flows are widely encountered in micro-systems which are gaining wide use in many fields ranging from the life sciences to energy systems. 
  • Dr. Robin Yates, Associate Professor (Immunology), Comparative Biology and Experimental Medicine (CBEM), Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Yates joined the university in 2008 with a joint appointment to the Department of Comparative Biology and Experimental Medicine.
The diverse backgrounds and interests of our staff and faculty provide an excellent example of the knowledge and passion that graduate education at the University of Calgary will inspire.