Faculty and staff resources

GradO 2019

Graduate Policies

Be aware of the academic regulations regarding thesis and candidacy exams. See helpful guidelines for faculty and staff involved in oral examinations such as neutral chairs, proctors and examiners

Student Research

Make changes to the Graduate Calendar

Learn how to make changes to your calendar entries including adding programs and degrees and changing your admission or course requirements



To show appreciation to our graduate program administrators (GPA)

Supporting your students

The Who to ask guide

  • There are a variety of resources available to students on campus. This guide offers a summary of all the resources based on their needs.

Assistantship agreement between the university and the Graduate Students' Association (GSA)

  • Many students are offered assistantships as part of their funding package. Ensure that they are aware of the collective agreement.

Supporting faculty

Graduate supervision is essential to the success of our students. We have created a webpage to orient supervisors to their roles.

If an academic staff member holds board appointments and would like to become a graduate student, they should read, understand and verify compliance with the policy.