July 11, 2018

Werklund School welcomes more than 500 students in summer residency

Blended programs provide on-campus experience for those in online courses

More than 500 students from across Canada and around the globe are attending the Werklund School of Education in July and August as part of a summer residency initiative that provides students with on-campus engagement through its blended programs. More than 350 of these students are enrolled in graduate programs including the Doctor of Education (EdD), Master of Counselling (MC), and Master of Education (MEd). Another 200 students are registered in undergraduate programs, mostly the community-based Bachelor of Education (BEd) program, but also Teaching Across Borders, which is preparing students to teach abroad for a semester.

“The summer residency in the BEd program is an exciting and energizing time when students can meet, not only one another, but all of those people who teach and support them throughout their program,” says Dr. Amy Burns, PhD, the associate dean of the Undergraduate Programs in Education.  “During this time our community-based students are enjoying the camaraderie that comes with being on campus, after which they will be able to return to their communities and complete their online courses in the towns they call home. It’s the best of both worlds.” The summer residency is an important community building term for students at the Werklund School, providing an on-campus experience with both social and professional learning opportunities.

“There is so much more to the graduate student story,” says Dr. Janet Groen, PhD, the associate dean of the Graduate Programs in Education. “Tremendous opportunities for informal learning take place within and across the cohorts. Students are building rich learning communities and these connections often turn into lifelong friendships.”

The GPE office is organizing summer events from socials to lunch hour seminars that will provide additional resources and support helping ensure more successful student engagement in courses and programs. While lunch seminars are not mandatory, Groen says they want students to have an opportunity to attend seminars relevant to their interests and needs. “Every year, our graduate students tell us the social and professional learning seminars are a highlight of their summer residency.”

From July 9 – 20, the GPE noon-hour sessions (12:30-1:30 pm) will include candidacy preparation, library information, and lessons in how to be a successful online learner, in addition to other unique and specific sessions addressing MEd and EdD program topics.