Continuing Education for Thesis-Based Graduate Students

In partnership with Continuing Education, the Faculty of Graduate Studies is providing a limited number of seats for thesis-based graduate students in University of Calgary Continuing Education courses over the Spring-Summer 2020 terms.

These highly valuable seats will be available through a special application process, at no additional cost to current thesis-based graduate students. This is a unique opportunity to enhance your graduate education by developing skills, competencies and expertise that are not necessarily available through your program courses.

Conditions and Guidelines

If you are a thesis-based graduate student who is excited to learn new skills and competencies for FREE with Continuing Education, you have come to the right place! Before you fill out the Application Form make sure you are aware of the guidelines and conditions that apply:

  • Continuing Education courses are non-credit: Continuing Education courses are supplemental. They are not offered for credit  and will not be calculated into your GPA. Normally, they cannot be substituted for your program course requirements.
  • Seats and courses are limited: Not all courses are available through this offering. See eligible courses here. Available courses will have a limited number of seats dependent on registration capacity. Course capacity changes daily, apply soon for your best chance of enrolment.
  • Courses chosen must be relevant: Graduate students are asked to demonstrate the relevance of their Continuing Education course selections to their programs, fields of study and/or future career.
  • Supervisor permission: Graduate students must have written permission from their supervisors to register.
  • Limitations: Course registrations are normally limited to one course per student.
  • Cost: Course fees will be waived for those approved to take a course through this process. Graduate students who independently sign up for a course will be charged and responsible for all associated fees. The cost of textbooks and other materials will not be covered.
  • Wait lists: Applications for course requests are not guaranteed to be accepted. Wait lists may be created for courses that are full.
  • Course delivery: Some courses are currently listed as classroom based delivery. These courses may change to online delivery depending on future Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines.

What is UCalgary Continuing Education?

Mission and mandate

What courses can I take?

List of eligible courses

Ready to apply?

Application form

How to apply

Pick relevant courses of interest

You can choose up to three courses from the list of eligible courses. As you browse, think of how the course is relevant to your program/field of study, and/or your future career. This information is required in the application form.

Course List

Create a Destiny One account

Create a Destiny One account but do not register for any courses through the portal. All courses signed up for through the portal will be paid for by the graduate student.

Destiny One

Get your supervisor's approval

Share the course information with your supervisor. Written permission must be given by your supervisor before you apply (i.e., an email from your supervisor that you will attach to your application).

Complete application form in time

At least 3 working days before the start of the course, email your completed form to with the course information, ranking for your top three preferred courses, and rational for course choice. Attach your supervisor’s written permission to the email.


Download application form

Wait for confirmation

Graduate Studies will submit your application to Continuing Education. Continuing Education will work to register you in the course and will connect with you if the course is unavailable or requires a pre-requisite. If registration is successful, an auto-generated receipt of registration will be emailed to you.

Learn new skills!

Now that you are enroled and ready to learn, be sure to make the best out of this unique opportunity to develop skills, competencies and expertise that are not necessarily available through your program courses.

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