Tannin Schmidt, PhD, PEng

PhD in Bioengineering Jacobs School of Engineering Univeristy of California San Diego

Tannin Schmidt

Areas of Research

Biomedical Engineering - Biomaterials & Biotherapeutics
The overarching goal of my research program is to understand the fundamental mechanisms and properties of PRG4, also known as lubricin (a critical lubricating protein found throughout the human body, recently discovered to also have anti-inflammatory properties), at relevant biointerfaces and biomaterials, and to apply that knowledge to the development of PRG4-containing biotherapeutics and biomaterials. Knowledge generated from this multidisciplinary work could ultimately lead to the development of new cell, protein or tissue based biomaterials/biofluids that may: 1) halt or reverse the progressive loss of cartilage after an injury or with aging and arthritis; 2) provide a therapeutically effective treatment, in the form of artificial tears or novel contact lens biomaterials, for those who suffer from dry eye disease; 3) improved performance of clinical biomaterials; and 4) contribute to the effective treatment of inflammatory conditions.

Supervising degrees

Medical Science Masters: Accepting Inquiries
Medical Science Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries

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