Sui-Lam Wong, BSc, MPh, PhD

PhD in Biochemistry University of California, Davis/USA
M Ph in Biochemistry Chinese University of Hong Kong/Hong Kong
B Sc in Biochemistry Chinese University of Hong Kong/Hong Kong

Sui-Lam Wong

Areas of Research

Engineering of Bacillus subtilis as a production host
One of my research objectives is to develop Bacillus subtilis, a gram-positive bacterium, as a microbial factory to produce biotechnologically important proteins via secretion. My laboratory has developed a series of extracellular protease deficient strains for recombinant production of extracellular proteins. Strategies for further improvement of the strain (e.g. minimization of degradation by the remaining residual proteases and prevention of cell lysis) are planned.
Development of Bacillus subtilis for surface display of protein complexes
My group studies surface display of proteins and enzyme complexes on B. subtilis cell surface via covalent (sortase based) and non-covalent mechanisms. Currently we are characterizing the B. subtilis sortases and their substrates.
Streptavidin engineering
Through genetic and protein engineering, my laboratory engineers novel forms of streptavidin with desirable properties (e.g. reversible biotin binding) for various biotechnological applications including affinity matrix development, reusable protein chips and bioreactors. We are currently in the process of characterizing various engineered streptavidin muteins for reversible binding of biotinylated biomolecules and streptavidin binding peptide tags.

Supervising degrees

Biological Sciences - Doctoral: Unavailable
Biological Sciences - Masters: Unavailable

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