Michael Sideris, Dipl.-Eng., MSc, PhD, Dr. h.c., P.Eng.

Dipl.-Eng. in Surveying Engineering National Technical University of Athens, Greece
M Sc in Civil Engineering (Specialization: Surveying Engineering) University of Calgary, Canada
PhD in Geomatics Engineering University of Calgary, Canada
Dr. honoris causa (Dr. h.c.) in Geodesy University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Bulgaria

Michael Sideris

Areas of Research

Geodesy and Earth Observation
My research interests are in the areas of satellite observation of water resources, postglacial rebound, mass transport phenomena and regional hydrology by use of data from dedicated gravity satellite missions (GRACE, GOCE); satellite radar and laser altimetry for global and regional sea level and ice change monitoring; airborne gravimetry and gravity gradiometry for resource exploration; absolute and superconducting gravimetry for reservoir monitoring and geodynamics; spatial and temporal gravity field and precise geoid modeling; height reference systems and vertical datums; and geodetic applications of statistical, spectral, and wavelet methods. Currently, my research is focused on monitoring the temporal changes in the gravity field, oceans, land water and ice masses in North America by means of integrated satellite data.

Supervising degrees

Geomatics Engineering - Doctoral: Unavailable
Geomatics Engineering - Masters: Unavailable
Geomatics Engineering - Masters: Unavailable

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