David Dick, Ph.D.

PhD in Philosophy, specializing in Moral Philosophy University of Michigan, USA

David Dick

Areas of Research

Philosophy of Money
Applying philosophical methodology to questions about or surrounding money such as the ontology of money, the nature of value, the ethics of wealth and charity, the ethics and metaphysics of the market, distributive justice, and so on.
Including applied, normative, and meta-ethics.
Social and Political Philosophy
Particularly on issues involving economic justice

Supervising degrees

Philosophy - Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries
Philosophy - Masters: Accepting Inquiries
Philosophy - Masters: Accepting Inquiries

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I am happy to supervise new students, but can only supervise someone who has already gained admission to our graduate program. Information about our program is available here: http://phil.ucalgary.ca/grad . Since I'm not in charge of admissions, admission inquiries are best sent to the current officeholders of Graduate Director or Graduate Secretary listed on that page, but I can answer more general questions about work or academic research.

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