Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Thesis-based program

Program overview

Students committed to research who enjoy a challenge should consider the Business Administration (MBA Thesis) program. It is designed for those who are interested in pursuing an intensive, research-based program within the Haskayne School of Business. Choosing a thesis-based graduate degree should not be considered a quick way to completing an MBA degree. However, the MBA Thesis curriculum allows students to hone their research skills as they advance in knowledge, gaining deeper insights about their chosen field of study that will serve them well in their future careers.

Areas of study include Accounting, Business Technology Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Environmental Management/Sustainable Development, Finance, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources, Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Risk Management and Insurance, and Strategy and Global Management.

Completing this program

  • Courses: Students take courses in management studies, business and environment, strategy and global management and more.

  • Thesis: Students will be required to submit and defend an original research thesis.

  • Research Proposal: Students complete a research proposal and must secure permission from their supervisor before beginning thesis research.



Consulting, Financial Services, Management, Business Analysis, Marketing and Sales.

A master’s degree in management will give you the prerequisite for a PhD in Management.

Thesis-based program

Students are required to prepare a thesis and successfully defend in an open oral defense.

Classroom delivery

Time commitment

Five years maximum


A supervisor is required, but is not required prior to the start of the program

Fees and funding

See the Graduate Calendar for information on fees and fee regulations, and for information on awards and financial assistance.


Learn about faculty available to supervise this degree.
Please note: additional supervisors may be available. Contact the program for more information.

  1. Placeholder Profile Image

    James Agarwal

    Accepting Inquiries
    Marketing; Consumer Psychology, Marketing Ethics; Global Marketing; Marketing Research, Statistical Methodology
  2. Marco Bijvank

    Marco Bijvank

    Accepting Inquiries
  3. Placeholder Profile Image

    Giovani da Silveira

    Accepting Inquiries
  4. Jim Dewald

    Jim Dewald

    Accepting Inquiries
  5. Mohammad Keyhani

    Mohammad Keyhani

    Accepting Inquiries
    Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Crowdfunding, Entrepreneurship Technology, Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in the Energy Industry, Applications of Computer Simulation in Entrepreneurship Research, Applications of Game Theory in Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Empirical Research and the Kauffman Firm Survey, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy
  6. Pengfei Li

    Pengfei Li

    Accepting Inquiries
    industry dynamics, economic geography, international business, strategy
  7. Scott Radford

    Scott Radford

    Accepting Inquiries

Admission Requirements


A minimum of 3.3 GPA on a 4.0 point system, over the past two years of full-time study (a minimum of 10 full-course equivalents or 60 units) of the undergraduate degree.

Minimum education

A Bachelor of Commerce.


  • A current résumé
  • A 250-word response to each of “How, considering your career progress to date, does an MBA fit in with your future career goals?” and “When thinking of your own personal successes, were they a result of your ow personal skills or your ability to work with others? Please describe”


Applicants may be interviewed by a member of the Admissions Committee as part of the application screening process.

Test scores

Completion of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT*) with a minimum GMAT score of 600 or an equivalent GRE is required for the thesis program.

Reference letter


Work samples


English language proficiency

An applicant whose primary language is not English may fulfill the English language proficiency requirement in one of the following ways:

  • TOEFL score 97 (Internet-based) with a minimum score of 20 in each section. Our instituion code is 0813.
  • IELTS score of 7.0 with no section less than 6.0 (Academic version).
  • Tier 3 of the International Foundations Program with minimum grades of B,B,B (Writing & rammar, Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension & Oral Fluency).


For admission on September 1:

  • Canadians and permanent residents: June 1 application deadline
  • International students: March 1 application deadline

If you're not a Canadian or permanent resident, or if you have international credentials, make sure to learn about international requirements

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