Registration deadlines, 2020-2021

Annual registration is required for all students and must be completed by the registration deadline in your anniversary term (i.e. the term in which you first started your program). Your registration deadline is the date shown above your anniversary term.

Registration procedure

How to activate your registration

Go to your Student Centre and click the prompt under 'Enrolled Courses' on the homepage.

You will be asked to confirm:

  • your email address

  • phone number

  • mailing address

  • registration status

Click here for detailed instructions

Registration status

As a thesis-based student, your registration status is considered to be full-time.

If your program allows part-time status you must obtain approval from your program and submit a change in status form.

Please see our page on registration status for instructions

If you miss your deadline

Late registration fee

You may register online after the deadline. However, you will owe a late registration fee of $60.00. Payment is due no later than 10 days after the registration is activated.

You may be withdrawn from your program

Students who do not register by a specified deadline date will be withdrawn for failure to register. You must apply for re-admission to continue in your program.

Please submit an Application for Reactivation of Registration along with a fee of $180.00 to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

See the Readmission policy in the Graduate Calendar. If you have any questions, please speak with your Graduate Program Officer (GPO).

Get the Application for Reactivation of Registration form