COVID-19 Information for graduate students

Updated April 2021

We recognize that the province of Alberta has been moving toward a staged reduction to quarantine restrictions. However, all faculty, staff and graduate students should continue to work from home until further notice. Only those that are performing functions that require them to be on site should work on campus. Please refer to the section below on research activities for more information.

Faculty of Graduate Studies support

The Faculty of Graduate Studies remains operational to ensure students are supported and scholarship funds are paid. Remote advising is available. Contact FGS by:

What can I find on this page?

This page contains information on graduate studies and the COVID-19 situation. Information below is organized into the following sections:

  • Campus Community Needs Assessment and financial support
  • Research activities and working from home
  • Future graduate students
  • Current graduate students
  • International students
  • Graduate Assistant Teachers (GATs)
  • Important links 

Campus Community Needs Assessment Survey

If you require financial, mental health, physical, social or any other support, access the survey below. 

Access the survey here

Additional financial resource information

Learn about additional loans, grants, food security supports and more.

Learn more

Research activities and working from home

Research activities

Refer to the following directive from the office of the VPR to understand how your research is affected by the COVID situationIdentifying critical on-campus research, research infrastructure, and services

Discuss a research plan with your supervisor who will be operating under guidelines available on the COVID-19 VPR information page. These guidelines provide information on adapting research operations to COVID:

  • Guidance for all researchers
  • Guidance for specific types of research (wet/dry lab, clinical, community-based)
  • Information on human ethics
  • Information on contracts and grants

COVID-19 VPR information page

Working from home

Keep these practices in mind:

  • Designate a work space and establish a daily schedule
  • Take clearly defined breaks
  • Communicate your work schedule to people at home
  • Be accessible via Skype, Zoom or phone
  • Ensure your connection is safe and secure
  • Ensure you have remote access to appropriate resources on campus
  • Contact IT for support accessing resources
  • Ensure research information is safe and not easily accessed by others
  • Avoid isolating yourself; maintain personal interactions with colleagues, friends & family
  • Keep current contact information for your research group and supervisor

UCalgary information on working from home

Future graduate students


Transcripts with CR/F courses

Many universities are offering students the option of accepting a letter grade or a Completed Requirements/Fail (CR/F) grade for courses in terms affected by coronavirus. In response, FGS has developed assessment criteria for transcripts that include non-letter grade (i.e., CR/F) courses.

Submitting transcripts

All domestic institutions should submit official electronic transcripts to Please ensure that this is the email address you provide to your institution. Once received, your transcripts will be directed appropriately.

Learn more about temporary admission regulations

English Language Proficiency requirements

On a temporary basis, FGS will accept online English Language Proficiency test results, including the TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition (preferred) and the Duolingo English Test.

Need more information about grad studies and COVID-19?

Visit our COVID-19 FAQ for more important information for how FGS is responding to COVID-19.

COVID-19 and Grad Studies: Frequently Asked Questions

Current graduate students

Health and wellness

Practice self-care and community care in accordance with guidelines from the World Health Organization and Alberta Health Services. Monitor the university’s COVID-19 page.

University supports are available to you via remote service delivery. 

UCalgary COVID-19 information page

Payment plans

Fee payment plans are now available to all current graduate students for the Spring 2021 term, regardless of whether students receive program funding. Payment plans must be submitted by 4:30 PM (MST) on:


Maintain communication with your supervisor so that you share a clear understanding of expectations for how your academic and research plans will proceed.

Please review FGS Guidelines for Effective Remote Supervision.

  • Establish a communications plan with your supervisor clarifying how and when you will connect.
  • Do not plan or initiate new experiments unless they are designated as Critical Research. Refer to the office of the VPR for more information. Discuss research plans with your supervisor.
  • Discuss how you can make academic progress and set reasonable goals and expectations. 

Office of the Vice President, Research (VPR) COVID-19 information page

Need more information about COVID-19 and grad studies?

Visit our COVID FAQ page for more important information about how FGS is responding to COVID-19.

COVID-19 and Grad Studies: Frequently Asked Questions

Thesis-based students

Timelines, expectations and funding

It is understood that this global crisis is likely to delay or significantly change your academic and research plans.

  • Please be assured that these unprecedented interruptions will be considered by your program and FGS in the evaluation of academic progress and milestone expectations.
  • As long as you remain registered as a graduate student, you can expect continued mentorship from your supervisor and uninterrupted funding and scholarship payments (as outlined in your letter of offer/scholarship terms if applicable).

Access to Libraries and Cultural Resources

The university's libraries are currently closed to in-person visitors. Students preparing for candidacy may acquire key library resources.

Library and Cultural Resources - Student Access to LCR Materials for Candidacy Exams

Candidacy and thesis oral exams

Candidacy and thesis exams are following new, temporary guidelines for remote oral exams. FGS Guidelines for Remote Oral Exams. Work with your supervisor and program to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made for any upcoming oral exams.

Thesis submissions

Please submit your final thesis forms by email to Please log in at with your UCalgary login prior to submitting your forms so that you can be set up with access to the Vault.

If you are facing a COVID-19 related delay in submitting your thesis, please contact your Graduate Program Officer

International graduate students

International Student Services (ISS) has a page with information specific to international students, including details on travel restrictions, advising, updates from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and more.

Global Affairs Canada has prepared an information sheet for international students with information on immigration-related travel, government benefits and more.

Graduate Assistant Teachers (GATs)

If you are a GAT, please communicate with your students about accommodating office hours or appointments remotely. Do not continue to offer in-person meetings or office hours.