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Before starting your graduate program, it is important to know and understand the tuition and general fees that will apply to you. Review the sections below to learn more about your tuition, when it is due and how to make payments.
Your tuition amount will vary depending on whether you are in a thesis-based or course-based program, are a visiting student, or if you are an international student. See our calendar page on graduate tuition for details:
Your program may also have tuition fees that are different from the regular full-time graduate program tuition:
General Fees
All students, domestic and international, pay the same general fees all year around. Most of these are due on a per-term basis and include UPASS (Transit Pass), Campus Recreation and Athletics and a Student Services Fee. Other fees will also be owed annually, based on the student’s program start date.
Note: If you receive program funding, you will still need to pay tuition and general fees. Also, check with your program for an estimation of the cost for books and equipment.
There are several ways you can pay your tuition and fees at the University of Calgary. Click on your preferred payment method for instructions:
Please Note: The University of Calgary will stop accepting cash payments in September 2016. The University of Calgary also no longer accepts credit card payments for tuition and general fees. Tuition and fee payments made in cash are currently limited to $500 per student, per term. If your payment is higher, please see our other payment options.
Graduate Student Payment Plan
If you are receiving funding administered by the University that is more than or equal to your tuition and fees, you may apply for a Graduate Student Payment Plan. This plan allows you to make payments on your fees over a specified period of time.
Admissions Confirmation Deposit
The University of Calgary requires a $500, one time only, admissions confirmation deposit starting Fall 2016 for all course-based students. The deposit is non-refundable and will be applied toward the tuition and fees for the term in which you will begin your program. Once the university receives the deposit, a seat in your program will be secured for you.