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Connect | Enrich | Energize
The College at the University of Calgary is a brand new initiative that will bring together a core community of exceptional scholars to realize a bold and exciting vision to connect, enrich and energize our communities.
The University of Calgary’s Graduate College Steering Committee is pleased to announce its second annual call for applications to become Graduate Scholars or Postdoctoral Scholars at the University of Calgary Graduate College (The College) for 2016-17. Graduate scholars are degree-holding students studying in Masters, Doctoral, JD, MD, or DVM programs at the University of Calgary.
Full information on the application process is provided in the "How to Apply" tab below.

How to Apply

The College is currently inviting applications for 2016-17 membership from graduate students (including JD, MD, and DVM students who hold an undergraduate degree) and postdoctoral scholars interested in taking on a role as either a resident or non-resident scholar. 
Both incoming and in-program graduate students and postdocs are eligible to apply. All graduate and postdoctoral scholars will receive College Scholarships, with resident scholars living on the 11th Floor of Crowsnest Hall and non-resident scholars living elsewhere on campus or in the city, but maintaining full membership in the College, access to its facilities, and participation in its programs. 
Applications for 2016-17 Scholar positions in The College (pilot project, Year 2) are due April 29, 2016Inquiries about the application process should be directed to Prof. Robert Thompson at
Application Package
The application package should include:

For Graduate Student Applicants

For Postdoctoral Applicants

  • Cover Letter 
  • Max. 750 Word Essay     
  • Academic C.V. or Resume
  • One letter of reference
  • Unofficial Transcripts   
  • Cover Letter 
  • Max. 750 Word Essay     
  • Academic C.V. 
  • One letter of reference
The Essay should address The College’s admission criteria and provide a description of what the applicant would bring to The College as a member of this pilot project.
Admissions Criteria 
A core membership will design, lead, and deliver The College’s programs. Members of The College will be selected based on three broad criteria, developed from The College’s Vision statement. These admission criteria are:

EXCELLENCE: Excellence will be considered across a broad range of metrics, including but not limited to classroom performance, research, scholarly pursuits, teaching and professional or volunteer activities.

LEADERSHIP: Members of The College will demonstrate track records of leadership and initiative in their academic, professional and community activities.

BREADTH: Members of The College will have diverse interests, experience and training. The overall membership of The College will be structured to include individuals from a wide breadth of academic fields.

Completed applications should be e-mailed to no later than April 29, 2016.  Reference letters may either be included in the application package, or sent directly to by the referee.

Facilities & Program

From 2015 to 2018, The College is located on the upper floor(s) of the new Crowsnest Hall graduate residence. The facilities include:
  • The College Common Room, situated on the 11th floor of Crowsnest Hall and open to all College members.
  • Accommodation for resident Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Scholars of The College is in the form of studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom suites, each with cooking facilities.
  • Accommodation for one senior member of the College in the form of a two-bedroom suite.
Please visit the Crowsnest Hall webpage for floorplans, features and rates.
As The College is in its pilot project phase, the programs that its members will lead and participate in are still under development.Nonetheless, the overall structure of these programs falls into two general categories:
1. Programs for The College Members
As a community of scholars, The College exists both as a physical establishment on the top floor(s) of Crowsnest Hall and as a community defined by the programs and initiatives in which its members participate. On the simplest level, these programs include informal interactions between The College members (as facilitated by The College Common Room), informal meals for The College members, and formal The College Dinners, which are held on a monthly basis.
One initiative in the College, the Academic Exchange, partners each College Scholar with a Scholar in a different field, to spend time learning in more depth about research and scholarship in other fields. Other internal programs continue to be developed through the Graduate College Steering Committee and through the membership of The College pilot project.
2. External Programs Led by The College Members
The College will initiate programs based on its vision for the benefit of the broader University of Calgary or City of Calgary communities and will be academic or service in nature. The external programs will be led by its members and will be allowed to develop naturally as the pilot project matures. 
Each year, The College will have a Grand Challenge theme about which its external programming will be developed. In 2015-16, a highlight College Event was a public talk and discussion by Elder Casey Eaglespeaker entitled "Knowledge".
3. College Scholar Community Executive
The Graduate and Postdoctoral Scholars at The College have their own organizational structure to facilitate the creation and operation of internal and external events organized by and for the Scholars. This structure is centered around an annually-elected College Scholar Community Executive, whose members are charged with a range of responsibilities associated with their portfolios on the committee and are lead by a pair of co-Chairs, who lead the executive and work with the Graduate College Steering Committee to ensure success of The College for its members.

The College Scholarships

Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars, both resident and non-resident, will each receive College Scholarships. College Scholarships for Resident Scholars also include a small Residence Allowance, which partially offsets the cost of their residence fees. Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Scholars are otherwise responsible for the cost of their accommodations and meals, with the exception of formal The College Dinners, which will be subsidized by The College. Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Scholars may apply annually for renewal of their position within The College.
The 2015 College Scholarships and Residence Allowances are: 
Graduate Student Scholars
Resident:  $3000 
Non-Resident: $1500
Postdoctoral Scholars
Resident:  $1000
Non-Resident: $500


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