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Recruit a Sponsored Graduate Student

Submitted by veronica.vincent on Wed, 05/25/2016 - 3:26pm
Looking for a talented graduate student to take part in your research project? 
The University of Calgary is partnered with a number of sponsors to support the recruitment of high-achieving graduate students who are funded by their governments to study abroad. These agreements help us attract some of the brightest students from around the world who are also interested in pursuing their graduate research in Canada.
If you are looking for exceptional scholars to help with your research, our recruitment specialist can help identify the strongest candidates among prospective sponsored students who would also be interested in your project.
Apply below for an opportunity to recruit from some of the best young minds around!
Please tell us about your background and research interests
Describe the research project, size of research group, equipment that is used, hours required per week, etc.
List all professionalization support that is available to your graduate students in your research environment
List all the words that best describe the ideal skillset that you are looking for in graduate students