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Candidacy Regulations

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New Candidacy Regulations
Effective September 1, 2014, FGS' new candidacy regulations will be available to those programs whose program-level candidacy have been approved by FGS.
Each program must have their program-level candidacy requirements reviewed and approved by the FGS Policy committee prior to implementing them.
While the new program-level candidacy requirements are under review, all students will follow the old candidacy regulations.
Students admitted before the effective date of the program-level candidacy requirements can follow the old or the new requirements to be admitted to candidacy.
Students admitted on or after the effective date of the program-level candidacy requirements must follow the new requirements to be admitted to candidacy.
For example:
If a program’s new candidacy requirements are approved and effective starting September 1, 2015, students admitted before September 1 can choose to meet old or new candidacy requirements, and students admitted for Fall 2015 will have to meet the new requirements.

Graduate Program Directors and Administrators

As of September 1, 2014, new FGS Candidacy Regulations are in effect. Each program must revise its program-level requirements to ensure that they are in compliance with the new Candidacy Regulations. New requirements must be reviewed and approved by the Faculty of Graduate Studies Policy Committee prior to implementation.
Examinations conducted under the new candidacy regulations must follow the new Candidacy Administrative Processes (PDF).
All programs are expected to have started the review process and submitted proposed regulations for approval.
Review Process
1. Submit your program candidacy requirements -- must use the provided template (Word) -- to FGS for review and approval.
2. Prior to submitting your proposal to FGS, ensure the proposal has gone through the following routing:
  • Program
  • Department
  • Dean of home faculty (for information).A memo acknowledging that the Dean is aware of the changes must be provided within the proposal.
  • FGS Policy Committee
Please contact Tanya Zdorenko if you have any questions about establishing your requirements.
1. Read the Preparing for Candidacy Guidelines (Word) to help you get started. Use the program candidacy template (Word) and oral component procedure guidelines (Word) to prepare the candidacy requirements document.
2. Candidacy: creatively promoting the student experience (PDF) -- Slides used at the candidacy workshop on September 26


Faculty members are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new candidacy regulations to advise students appropriately. If you have any questions or need assistance understanding the regulations, please contact your Graduate Program Administrator or FGS for further details.